Evangelical Radio Host Bryan Fischer Refers to Obama as ‘An Anti-Christ’

Bryan Fischer, the controversial Evangelical radio host, took the phenomenon known as “Obama Derangement Syndrome” to new heights on Friday when he referred to Obama as “an anti-Christ.”

Fischer took special care to point out that Obama is not a “capital ‘A’ anti-Christ,” which was specifically prophesied by John in the New Testament. Many other Evangelical figures have included Obama in their end-times rhetoric, but not many of prominence have referred to the President in this manner.

“There is an Anti-Christ that is coming; ‘the’ Anti-Christ — capital ‘A.’ But even now [John] says many anti-Christs have gone out into the world,” Fischer said. “And very clearly, Barack Obama is one of those. He is an anti-Christ. He’s a little ‘a’ anti-Christ.”

Fischer went on to justify his declaration by mentioning abortion and gay marriage, saying that since Obama was not interested in creating any legislation that would “provide protection in law” in favor of traditional marriage and unborn fetuses, he is therefore “an” anti-Christ since he is one of many going against fundamentalist Christian principles.

Watch the video below to hear more of Fischer’s comments.

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