Evangelicals finally slam Trump for doing something ‘immoral’: He signed a spending bill they don’t like

Evangelical leaders have issued a rare public condemnation of President Trump. But it has nothing to do with his crass language, his internet bullying, his predatory behavior, or his numerous alleged marital infidelities.

Some of Trump’s most vocal evangelical supporters slammed him over his signing of a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill passed by Congress last Friday. The bill’s funding for Planned Parenthood and its large contribution to the national debt was among the reasons for the rebuke.

A group of evangelical leaders signed a joint statement explaining their reasons for opposing the “immoral” spending bill.

“Yet, sliding in $500 million dollars for Planned Parenthood in the Omnibus Spending bill constitutes an immoral betrayal by the leadership of the Republican Party and we are sorely disappointed the White House was unable to do more to stop it,” the statement reads. “This constituted a moment of weakness for an administration marked by the strength of its rhetoric and action.”

From the Christian Post:

The statement comes as pro-lifers have pushed for years to strip Planned Parenthood of its annual funding. With Republicans controlling both houses of Congress and the White House after the 2016 election, prominent pro-lifers were somewhat optimistic that Planned Parenthood would be stripped of its federal funding last year.

“The Trump administration has certainly demonstrated an unwavering — if not, historic — commitment to prioritize the sanctity of human life through actions like the expansion of the Mexico City Policy, and by working meticulously to undo excessive government regulations that intentionally violate the conscience protections of pro-life Americans,” the statement continued. “This is why we are disappointed they didn’t fight harder.”

The statement went to list other issues evangelicals have with the bill.

“It continues to expand the size of government on the backs of our future generations, it failed to force meaningful funding for border security and to support DACA recipients.”

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