Evangelist lays hands on cardboard cutout of Trump and prays: ‘Please relieve him of the sting of having the election stolen’

During a recent livestream video, Christian evangelist and die-hard Trump supporter Lance Wallnau reached out and touched a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump and prayed to God that he relieved of the sting of having the 2020 election “stolen” from him.

“I pray, Lord, that you give [Trump] a revelation that he is nothing but an instrument of yours, and as your instrument, you have your hand on him so that, Lord, he won’t be moving in anger or bitterness or rage, but you’ll take that away from him and show him that he is but an instrument and that he’s being used by the hand of providence,” Wallnau prayed.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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