Even Fox News is now openly mocking Donald Trump

Appearing as a guest on his network’s America’s Newsroom show, Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace didn’t hold back while discussing Donald Trump’s newly-arisen campaign issues.

After watching a clip of Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort claim that everything’s hunky dory despite the GOP nominee’s plunging poll numbers, Wallace gave Manafort a backhanded compliment regarding his assessment.

“Well, I suppose it’s improving if you consider that he’s no longer in a fight with a Gold Star family, but no, these are bad numbers, and it isn’t early in the campaign,” Wallace said with a smirk.

“We’re post-convention, to a certain degree the campaign is going to kind of freeze in place for the next couple of weeks while people watch the Olympics and do something sensible instead of focusing on politics,” he explained. “And the next big event won’t be until late September when you have the first presidential debate.”

Watch the segment in the video below:

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