Even Fox News thought Stephen Miller’s interview with Jake Tapper was a disaster

A Fox News panel was less-than-impressed with Trump adviser Stephen Miller‘s disastrous Sunday interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper — an interview that resulted in Tapper shutting down Miller and ending the segment.

The panel on Fox’s Spin Cycle delved into Miller’s CNN performance after discussing Michael Wolff’s bombshell book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

“On the subject of the president watching television,” host Howie Kurtz started out. “Earlier today a White House official, Stephen Miller, was on CNN talking to anchor Jake Tapper. He turned on his former colleague Steve Bannon and called his remarks in the book ‘grotesque and vindictive.’ And also said that CNN is 24 hours of anti-Trump hysteria.”

After Kurtz generously pointed out that the interview was “testy,” panelist Mo Elleithee predicted that Miller’s performance “just guaranteed the rebroadcast of that show,” adding that “those rating are going to go through the roof.”

“I didn’t see anything unfair in Tapper’s questions although it was a testy interview,” Kurtz said.

“That’s right, and I haven’t seen the whole interview yet,” Elleithee said. “But there was a clip at the end where Tapper was trying to ask Miller several questions and Miller, all he would do was just lavish the president with effusive personal praise to the point where Tapper said you’re only speaking to an audience of one right now.”

“Moments later, the president verified that with his tweet,” Elleithee added.

Watch the segment below, via Raw Story:

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