Ex-cop posts video calling on ‘lone-wolf patriots’ to shoot black protesters at GOP convention

A former police officer called on militant right-wing sympathizers and “lone-wolf patriots” to load up their firearms and fight African-American protesters at next month’s Republican National Convention in Ohio.

In a video posted on YouTube, Jim Stachowiak, who is an avid Donald Trump supporter, encouraged military veterans and “III Percenters” to terrorize anti-Trump protesters, specifically Black Lives Matter demonstrators which he calls “Black Lies Matter,” if law enforcement or National Guard fail to take action.

“I am encouraging patriots and Trump supporters and those that support liberty and freedom to come lawfully armed with lethal and non-lethal weaponry,” Stachowiak said in the video. “They have threatened to cause riots in Cleveland and nationwide. It is our sworn duty and obligation for all those like me and many of you who have taken the oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

According to Rawstory, Stachowiak was banned from Facebook and charged with criminal defamation for falsely identifying a LinkedIn user as a “terrorist.” Stachowiak also lost his police certification following a misconduct investigation after just three years as a public safety officer.

“We should answer the call with our Second Amendment,” Stachowiak said, hoisting a military-style rifle and aiming at the camera. “Yes, I’m encouraging patriots to come prepared to defend this nation against a domestic terrorist organization supported by the terrorist in the White House, Obama.”

“This is going to be called racist, what I’m about to say, such as the rapper Ted Poe,” Stachowiak said. “I’m going to call them what they have called themselves. Ted Poe said, quote, and I quote, We n***as are prepared to start riots should Donald Trump be nominated as the Republican candidate. Well, patriots, if the people Ted Poe refers to himself as n***as — and again, this is the label they have called themselves — decide to get violent and the police stand down and the police cannot guarantee the safety of American citizens, it is our constitutional and lawful duty to protect those in fear or danger or the imminent threat of serious loss of life and bodily harm.”

“Come prepared, because this may spark another revolution,” Stachowiak promised. “It won’t be decided if that spark turns into a bonfire by we who love liberty, for we will defend, not attack. We won’t act, but we will react.”

Stachowiak then flipped off the camera in case President Barack Obama or U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch were watching the video.

“The Black Lives Matter want to attack those of us for merely supporting a candidate,” he said, pointing at Trump’s campaign banner. “Let’s answer the call, people.”


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