Ex-Fox News contributor calls out Rupert Murdoch on CNN: ‘Fox News ruined people’s lives’

Former Fox News contributor Tamara Holder spoke out this morning regarding Rupert Murdoch’s comments that seemingly dismissed the numerous sexual misconduct scandals at the network.

Speaking to CNN’s Brian Stelter, Holder said it was Murdoch’s callousness that prompted her to speak out.

“I would not have been able to be sitting here to say what I’m about to say if it wasn’t for Mr. Murdoch and what he said,” Holder said referring the confidentiality agreement that was included in her settlement. “Because my settlement, in exchange for money, I had to agree to be quiet, except if I was disparaged or maligned, and because Mr. Murdoch said what he said, that 60 seconds has allowed me to speak out.”

“Fox News ruined people’s lives,” she continued. “[Murdoch] ruined my life. I don’t have a job in TV anymore, because the place that he has secured down like Fort Knox allowed abusive predators to prey on women who just wanted to work. That is not nonsense, this is people’s lives.”

In an interview with Sky News this Friday, Murdoch said the claims of a culture of sexual harassment at Fox are “all nonsense.”

“There was a problem with [Roger Ailes] sort of over the years, but isolated incident,” Murdoch said. “As soon as we investigated he was out of the place in hours — well, three or four days — and there’s been nothing else since then.”

Fox News was later forced to clarify Murdoch’s comments, claiming that his “nonsense” remark was in reference to the notion that the scandals hurt the network’s business prospects and was not a commentary on the allegations in particular.

Holder also addressed Murdoch’s claim that many of the allegations were simply overreactions to people “flirting.”

“Let me be clear,” Holder said on CNN. “I had a man pull out his penis in his office and shove my head on it. That was not flirting. — that was criminal. That was not sexual harassment. I’m not the only case, there are women who can’t speak out.”

“Either Mr. Murdoch is a liar or he’s delusional and old and needs to get out,” she continued. “If you’re an investor, you need to decide, do you want your money with a man who has continued to lie to you for the past 20 years, your money, hundreds of millions of dollars of your money has gone to women over and over and over again. and we’ve been told that we have to shut up.”

Watch the full segment below:

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