Ex-Kanye West fans turn his massive Reddit page into a Taylor Swift appreciation page

In the wake of Kanye West‘s appearance on Alex Jones’ show where he expressed his love for Hitler and his doubt about the Holocaust, former fans of his are turning his massively followed Reddit page into a Taylor Swift appreciation page.

A post titled “This is now a Taylor Swift Subreddit. We had a good run fellas,” has about 45,000 upvotes as of this writing. The praise of Swift is likely due to a past beef between the two, when in 2009 West stole the microphone from Swift while she was giving her acceptance speech for Best Video by a Female Artist at the American Music Awards, interrupting her to say that Beyonce should have won. West later included Swift in a sexually aggressive song lyric, which Swift objected to.

“Remember when people thought she was the undercover Nazi the whole time because she never made her politics explicit before 2018? WELP…” a redditor wrote.

“Waitaminute! Has anyone checked to make sure Taylor Swift doesn’t have an unhinged take on Benito Mussolini?” another redditor jokingly wrote.

“Taylor will never lose… this man has been abusing her since she was a teenager and she forgave him time after time, and in a last desperate attempt to destroy her careeer he wrecked his own. She will always be superior because kindness and honesty will never lose,” a redditor wrote.

This is now a Taylor Swift Subreddit. We had a good run fellas.
by u/rustttyyy in Kanye

“I absolutely loathed her back in 2016/17 just because I took Ye’s side in their beef,” one redditor wrote. “Kinda regret it now that I like some of her music and it’s awfully clear that Kanye is a horrible person.”

“The majority of the world took Kanye’s side during that initial “Famous” beef. Taylor literally went into hiding and disappeared for a year because of the backlash,” a redditor wrote, to which another replied, “Yeah because Kanye fans are both shitty and numerous.”

Other commenters said that the only fans of Kanye West that remain are his “new” fans, i.e., white supremacists and Holocaust deniers.

Sky Palma

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