Experts agree that Sarah Palin was probably drunk when she wrote this Facebook post

Most high-profile political figures have a team of administrators who update their social media posts – usually after they’ve been screened for any potential gaffes or PR disasters. Sarah Palin undoubtedly has a team like this too, but what makes Palin unique is that you can always tell when she breaks protocol and starts personally posting her random thoughts.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Sarah Palin’s self-authored posts are identifiable by their incoherent streams of consciousness sometimes echoing the spontaneous ramblings of a drunk teenager, and her latest Facebook post is a perfect example of that.

Palin was responding to the news that former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley will be challenging Hillary Clinton for the 2016 nomination. According to the half-term former governor of Alaska, O’Malley is just another “typical liberal” with a “rock ‘n roll persona” and an “erroneous grasp of our Bill of Rights” which “merely continues the strange and disastrous agenda of Barack Obama.”

And with that lovely intro, she was off to the races:

With today’s more-of-the-same distract-sphere – with the politician sounding exactly like all the others – don’t you wonder if there are ANY good old fashioned Blue Dog democrats who can represent the left’s party in the 2016 race? I feel kind of bad for democrats who are as embarrassed about their party leaving them as some of us Republicans are about our own party when we hear the GOP talk a good game but dishonorably capitulate when given the majority power to stop Obama’s nonsense.

A few strategically-placed commas in that last run-on sentence probably wouldn’t have done any good.

And just in case anyone has forgotten, it’s Republicans who’ve been the champions of civil rights and equal rights for women:

By now, most of those ol’ Reagan democrats have come to realize that it was the party of Lincoln and Reagan all these years fighting for and winning the abolishment of slavery, civil rights for all Americans, equal rights for women, free markets, individual liberty, constitutional protections, private sector job growth, and a sensible foreign policy rooted in peace through strength. For those who still identify as democrats, it’s quite easy to bid a deceptive party an overdue farewell. Just tell me what state you’re a resident of, and I’ll post links to your voter registration office. Click on it. There you can finally bust free of a party that’s long since abandoned you. I recommend then registering “independent,” or the equivalent of, in your state. Your newfound sweet freedom will empower you!

Phew! That was a lot to take in.

Here’s one more notable excerpt that you may need to read a few times to comprehend, improper apostrophe use and all:

Here’s just one reason to do it: abolishing your name from the liberal’s roll chips away at the democrat party’s foundation that actually supports un-American acts like this:

Palin then posts a link to an article from 2013 by the Examiner (which is a multi-user blogging site, not a legitimate news site) with the headline, “DOJ internal memo confirms Obama plan for gun confiscation“.

Really? Still with the tyrannical gun grab stuff? Considering that Obama has about a year left in office, he’d better get moving on making this right wing conspiracy theory a reality. Either way, Sarah Palin should leave the facebooking to her staff and accept the fact that it’s not 2008 anymore.

Note to Palin’s social media team: You should probably make use of this great Facebook feature:

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