Twitter Wars

Fake Twitter account tricks thousands of Trumpkins into thinking Paul Ryan’s ouster is imminent

Thousands of Trump supporters are retweeting a Twitter account designed to fool them.

A growing number of Republicans are calling for the release of a memo they say shows bias against President Trump from U.S. law enforcement agencies regarding the investigation into Russian meddling. As calls to release the document grow, the hashtags #ReleaseTheMemo and #ReleaseTheDocument popped up on conservative Twitter.

This Thursday, Rep. Charles Ponzi (R) tweeted: “I have seen the memo. It is damaging, and it is disturbing. If @SpeakerRyan refuses to #ReleaseTheMemo, I will have no choice but to move he be stripped of the Speakership. I need your support and respectfully request that you retweet this to your followers. #ReleaseTheDocument”

Except there is no GOP politician named Charles Ponzi. The account is fake, as evidenced by its bio: “You’ll never meet a bigger sucker than a Trump supporter.”

Nevertheless, Rep. Ponzi’s threat to remove Speaker Paul Ryan is being retweeted with gusto. As of this writing, the tweet has been liked and shared well over 30,000 times.

Those who discovered the tweet was a ruse tried to warn others. Actor and Trump supporter James Woods apparently was duped, but later deleted his tweet.

Still, others had to be reminded.

It’s days like this that I really love Twitter.

Featured image via @RepCharlesPonzi

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