‘False flag’ conspiracy theorists are now targeting survivors of the Orlando massacre

A survivor of last Sunday’s mass shooting that took 49 lives at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando has now become the target of conspiracy theorists.

Patience Carter was shot in the leg during Omar Mateen’s attack and spoke of her experience to various news outlets. When word got out that she is an intern for a local Fox News affiliate in Philadelphia, that’s all the “Orlando truthers” needed to claim she was a “crisis actor” in a staged event.

Now, video on YouTube titled “PULSE SHOOTING HOAX – CRISIS ACTOR REVEALED? PATIENCE CARTER is FOX NEWS INTERN!” is making the rounds and has racked over 100,000 views.

“There she is. On Fox F*cking news. On Fox F*ck news,” one commenter wrote. “There she is. Once again, the F*cking bullsh*t they are shoving down people’s throats. We need to arrest all these people. This has gone way to far. They have pulled this out too many times. There has to be change. There’s no way they can use this event. This is faked. This is staged. They are using actors. There is no doubt about it. This is 100% bullsh*t.”

According to Raw Story, another conspiracy theorist manipulated the timestamps on a photo from Carter’s Instagram account to make it look like she was uninjured after the shooting occurred.. The actual photo posting shows the date as being June 11, 2016.

In a message to conspiracy theorists from her Instagram account, Carter let it be known that she wasn’t concerned with their special brand of mental illness.

“It’s your outrageous insensitivity that makes me want to heal even faster, and grow even stronger,” she wrote.

Featured image: The Daily Mail

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