Family rushing their injured dog to the vet are pulled over and held at gunpoint by cops

A family in New Mexico who were rushing their injured dog to the vet in a desperate attempt to save its life were pulled over and held at gunpoint by a police officer, KRQE reported.

Now, attorneys from the ACLU are wondering if the police went too far.

It was a neighborhood cat that lured Stella the labradoodle into traffic in July. “I was like, oh my God, our dog just got hit,” Tara Albrecht recalled. She said she was bringing food inside the house for dinner when she realized a speeding car in her neighborhood had hit her dog.

The Albrecht family jumped into action, Tara holding Stella in the passenger seat while her husband William drove, and their teenage son in the backseat. “We jumped in the car and started trying to get to the E.R. as fast as we could to try to save her life,” said William Albrecht.

Police video from the officer’s lapel footage shows what did happen. Officer Jeramie Nevarez is seen pointing his gun at Albrecht as he shouts, “Driver, step out of the vehicle!”

The officer continues shouting commands at Albrecht, who has his hands in the air. “Face the f*** away from me!” The officer shouts. Lapel video shows Officer Jeramie Nevarez ordering Albrecht out of the car at gunpoint, and telling him to walk backward toward traffic.

Watch KRQE’s report on the story below:

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