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Family says their QAnon-believing loved one is now drinking bleach-like substance


The family of a Texas QAnon adherent says she has been drinking a drink full of toxic chemicals such as chlorine dioxide, among others.

The Leek family, whose relative left her husband to follow a QAnon leader to Dallas last month, has been drinking the dangerous cocktail along with other QAnon believers.”She was proud to tell us that she was the one mixing it up and giving it to everybody,” a family member said, according to the Dallas Observer.

As the Observer points out, it’s not immediately clear why they’re drinking the substance, but many in QAnon and QAnon-adjacent circles have promoted unproven remedies for COVID-19.

From the Dallas Observer:

News of the chemical punch bowl comes as the cult appears to be building towards another predicted climactic and apocalyptic moment.

They first came to Dallas over a month ago, following Protzman’s prediction that President John F. Kennedy would reappear at the exact spot in Downtown Dallas where he was assassinated in 1963. From there, Kennedy would set in motion the execution of QAnon’s supposed underground network of liberal, satan-worshipping child sex-traffickers and reinstate Donald Trump as president.

Speaking to the Observer, QAnon researcher Mike Rothschild says the news about QAnon believers ingesting toxic substances is reminiscent of behavior from cults that have led to mass suicide.

“This feels like a progression,” Rothschild said. “It immediately evokes images of Jonestown and Heaven’s Gate.”

“A group of people in a cult drinking a communal substance is definitely not something to mess around with and is extremely concerning,” Rothschild said.

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