Far-right Christian conspiracy theorist on Alex Jones: ‘He’s either an actor or seriously mentally ill’

Rick Wiles is not exactly a guy who has a deference for fact-based reporting. He’s claimed that former president Obama is being inspired by Satan to organize protests against Trump. He’s warned that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was leading a coup that planned to drag Trump from the White House and decapitate him. He’s said that Pokémon Go characters are cyber demons that could help murder Christians. He thinks the Las Vegas massacre was carried out by a top secret government death squad … The list goes on.

So what kind of lunacy would it take for Wiles to think someone stepped over the line? Alex Jones’ particular brand of lunacy, apparently.

During his TruNews broadcast this Tuesday, Wiles devoted an entire segment to warn his fellow Christians to disavow Jones because he’s “mentally unstable,” or even possibly possessed by a demon.

Referring to an InfoWars segment where Jones gives an angry, snarling, sometimes gurgling takedown of CNN’s Brian Stelter, Wiles warned that Jones is either a government “plant” or someone who is legitimately losing their mind.

“You need to be shocked by what this guy is saying and doing,” Wiles said in a clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “Every Christian should disavow Alex Jones. You should disavow him until he repents and, quite frankly, until he is delivered.”

“That is the behavior of someone who is mentally unstable, bordering on lunacy,” Wiles said after playing the clip of Jones’ rant against Stelter.

“Honestly, if I was in a room with somebody acting like that, I would be casting out devils,” he continued. “I would be binding the devil and using the name of Jesus and the blood of Christ to bind those devils that are coming out of that man’s mouth.”

“If Alex is not an actor, if he’s not a plant, then he is seriously mentally ill,” Wiles added. “He needs help. He should shut down his program, he should get mental help, he should get spiritual help. If that is truly him, he needs to be someplace where he’s receiving spiritual and psychiatric assistance and counseling, because that behavior is the sign of somebody losing their mind.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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