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Far-right pastor Greg Locke turns on Trump: ‘He was lied to and he knows it — and his arrogance won’t change his mind’

During a sermon at his Tennessee ministry, Pastor Greg Locke slammed former President Donald Trump over his recent comments where he defended the efficacy of the covid vaccine.

“I’m gonna say something and I don’t care how ticked off you get,” Locke said. “I’m gonna say something, listen to me … stop sitting on your butt and waiting for Donald Trump to do something in this nation Stop it!”

“He gave the evangelicals a mighty voice and I’m glad,” Locke continued. “Whether he runs [in 2024] is on him and not on me. But I’m sick of Trump worship in this church. You hear me? Let me tell you something — He was lied to and he knows it, and his arrogance won’t let him change his mind. I’m telling you right now on the authority of the Bible, if Donald Trump does not get out in front of this vaccine nonsense, he is gonna lose his voter base in the nest coming election. I’m telling you, it’s gonna happen.”

Locke went to tell his congregation that if they don’t like what he’s saying, they’re “in the wrong house anyhow.”

“You better come here because I love Jesus. I ain’t playing these games. [Trump] needs to quit pushing this mess, because the greatest president that we’ve ever known is gonna be blamed for more deaths than we’ve ever seen, and his arrogance won’t let him see it.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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