Far-right TV host praises Uganda’s new anti-LGBTQ bill: ‘They passed a law that reflects Christian teachings’

Far-right broadcaster and conspiracy theorist Stew Peters called Uganda’s new harsh anti-LGBTQ legislation “100 percent awesome,” Right Wing Watch reported.

The Ugandan parliament passed a bill that, if signed by the country’s president, will impose lengthy prison sentences on LGBTQ people and even the death penalty in some cases.

“There are a lot of Christians in the world, but there’s only a handful of countries that actually still pass laws reflecting Christian teachings,” Peters said. “One of those countries though is the central African nation of Uganda.”

“Uganda’s legislature just approved a new law that law criminalizes gay marriage and the homosexual lifestyle and imposes the death penalty for pedophiles,” he continued. “Yes, it’s now illegal, it’s a crime to be a depraved and demonic Hershey-highway-riding, pillow-biting butt-pirate and if you touch our kids, we’ll kill you. Perfect. Absolutely based. One hundred percent awesome.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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