Father of teen who committed suicide after being targeted by online ‘sextortion’ scheme speaks out: ‘They googled my son after he died’

The father of a Michigan teenager who committed suicide after he was targeted by an online sextortion scheme is speaking out. John DeMay says the two Nigerian suspects behind the plot knew their actions led to his son’s death, yet they continued targeting people anyway, Fox News reported.

Jordan DeMay was 17 years old when he shot himself in 2022 after falling victim to sextortion on Instagram. The FBI defines sextortion as a “serious crime” in which perpetrators threaten to expose a victim’s sensitive or private information in exchange for sexually explicit material or money.

The main suspect in DeMay’s death, 22-year-old Samuel Ogoshi, is one of three men from Lagos arrested earlier this month for allegedly hacking Instagram accounts and sexually extorting, or “sextorting,” more than 100 young men online, including DeMay. Ogoshi allegedly posed as a young woman under the username “dani.robertts.”

Ogoshi and his 20-year-old brother, co-defendant Samson Ogoshi, pleaded guilty on Thursday, according to federal court documents.

“The defendants actually … Googled Jordan’s death after he died,” John DeMay told Fox News Digital of Thursday’s court proceedings in Michigan. “So, they knew that he died from their action, and they continued to victimize other people even after the fact.”

Read the full report over at Fox News.

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