January 6

FBI arrests woman who taunted female journalist as a ‘f***ing traitor’ while she was being assaulted during Capitol riot

A Pennsylvania woman has been arrested by federal authorities for her participation in the riot at the U.S.. Capitol on Jan. 6, Law&Crime reports. Sandy Pomeroy Weyer has been charged with knowingly entering a restricted building, disrupting the orderly conduct of government business, disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and impeding Congress.

Weyer allegedly took cellphone footage of a female New York Times photojournalist being assaulted and robbed by several men inside the Capitol. While she was filming, Weyer allegedly called the photojournalist a “traitor” and said she should be maced. Photos from Jan. 6 show Weyer wearing a red “Trump 2020” sweatshirt.

From the FBI affidavit, as shared by Law&Crime:

As Weyer gets to the lower landing of the staircase, she records the assault on the MONM [member of the news media] victim, who can be heard screaming for approximately 10 seconds in the video. Weyer’s video also captures the MONM victim getting up after being assaulted by several men on the upper landing. Weyer yells: “GET THE F*** OUT” as the MONM victim descends the stairwell going toward her assailants. Weyer then yells: “F***ING TRAITOR, GET THE F*** OUT” as the MONM victim continues to descend the stairwell and attempts to grab at the backpack of her assailants and is pushed backward. Weyer’s video then captures the MONM victim as she makes a second attempt to grab at the backpack of her assailants as they descend the stairwell. Weyer can be heard yelling: “GET HER OUT, MACE HER” as the MONM victim is again pushed back by her assailants as they flee.

There was a plethora of self-incriminating evidence posted to social media by Weyer, which included a photograph of herself and several other individuals inside a vehicle saying they were “Patriots on the way to Washington, D.C.” The next day she posted a photo of herself and multiple individuals outside the Capitol building while it was under attack by a pro-Trump mob.

“I seen no riots. I saw Patriots sick of being lied to and the election being stolen from us! I saw no violence from the Patriots!” Weyer wrote in a Facebook comment thread.

“We may have broken through the barricades and the doors to the Capitol . . . but I know that my group was not violent or rioting and I didn’t see any other Patriots rioting or being violent,” she said in another exchange.


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