Federal judge hears Jim Bob Duggar’s testimony in Josh Duggar’s trial and deems him not credible

This Wednesday, a federal judge said that the testimony of Jim Bob Duggar in his son Josh Duggar‘s trial was not credible in regards to past child molestation accusations, Insider reports.

Jim Bob Duggar testified this Monday during a pre-trial evidentiary hearing for his son, who is charged with two counts of child pornography. He has pleaded not guilty.

From Insider:

On Monday, prosecutors questioned both Jim Bob Duggar and a Duggar family friend named Bobye Holt about those child molestation allegations. Holt testified that Josh Duggar had confessed on multiple occasions to touching young girls both over and under their clothing, and Jim Bob Duggar “agreed that [Josh Duggar] inappropriately touched at least four children, but he was hazy on the details,” Brooks wrote in his Wednesday ruling.

“He recalled that [Josh Duggar] inappropriately touched the children on their breasts while they were sleeping on more than one occasion, but beyond that, his memory failed him,” Brooks added. “In other words, he admitted the touching was ‘inappropriate,’ but he was unwilling to provide further details, pleading a lack of memory.”

Brooks was skeptical of Jim Bob Duggar’s apparent forgetfulness, but said his testimony wasn’t necessary and that Holt’s testimony would suffice.

Josh Duggar is accused of molesting five children, four of whom were his sisters. He has not been criminally charged for those incidents.

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