FedEx driver explains racist comments she made towards Hispanic woman: ‘I asked for some help and everybody just looked at me’

A FedEx driver who was caught on video making racist comments towards a Hispanic woman has posted a video apologizing for her behavior, saying she only acted out because she frustrated about not getting any help with the boxes she was delivering.

The video, posted to TikTok by @karladelatorre97, shows the driver arguing with the woman while she’s unloading packaged onto a front lawn. “There ya go, get your boxes,” the FedEx driver tells the woman after letting one of the boxes fall to the ground while mocking her Hispanic accent. “Since all ya’ll want to stand there and look at me.”

The FedEx driver, who TikTok handle is @Annessa222, has since apologized in a video of her own.

“I’m the woman in the video and I just wanted to speak on my side of the story. I pull up to this woman’s house and there are multiple cars in the driveway and her door is open. I went through the back of my truck… and all of a sudden everyone [in the house] is in the doorway,” she explained.

“So I asked for some help and everybody just looked at me. I put it on the dolly and had to bring it up a curb. [Doing so,] I fell with the dolly and package. Im frustrated, it’s cold outside and I’m just trying to gather my thoughts,” she continued.

“I know better, I’m sorry,” she said.

It’s not currently known if the FedEx driver still has her job.

Sky Palma

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