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FedEx worker caught on video being racist towards Hispanic woman: ‘Go back to your country’

A video posted to Reddit shows a confrontation between a FedEx driver and a Hispanic woman, where the FedEx driver makes racist remarks towards the woman.

There’s no information as to why the confrontation started, but the video starts out showing the driver unloading packages onto a front lawn. “There ya go, get your boxes,” the FedEx driver tells the woman after letting one of the boxes fall to the ground while mocking her Hispanic accent. “Since all ya’ll want to stand there and look at me.”

Later in the video, the FedEx driver tells the woman recording, “Come help,” later adding, “You can kiss my white a**.”

“Girl, I’m sorry. Go back to your country, I can’t understand what you’re saying. This is America,” The FedEx driver says.

Watch the video below:

Racist FedEx Driver Throws Boxes In A Hispanic Womans Yard And Tells Her To Kiss Her White A** from facepalm

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