Female Trump supporter to MSNBC: ‘Groping women is no big deal’

According to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, almost 6 in 1o Americans say they will be closely watching how events unfold regarding the confirmation process of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Regarding the growing accusations of sexual assault against him, about 32 percent believe his accuser Christine Blasey Ford, about 26 percent believe Kavanaugh and 42 percent haven’t made up their minds.

“The jury is still out in the court of public opinion about whether Judge Kavanaugh or Dr. Ford is more believable,” Lee Miringoff of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion told NPR, adding, “If they determine she’s telling the truth, it’s a big problem for him.”

But some simply don’t care if the allegations are true. The poll found that 54 percent of Republicans think Kavanaugh should be confirmed whether or not he sexually assaulted Ford.

From NPR:

While pluralities of both men (39 percent) and women (45 percent) are unsure who is telling the truth, among those who have an view on the question, there is notably a big gender gap. Thirty-two percent of men believe Kavanaugh and 28 percent believe Ford. Thirty-five percent of women believe Ford and 20 percent believe Kavanaugh. That’s a 19-point gender gap, and the spread is even further apart by gender and party: Republican men overwhelmingly believe Kavanaugh (61 percent to 5 percent) and Democratic women believe Ford (56 percent to 4 percent).

In an interview with NBC’s Ali Vitali this Wednesday, one female Trump supporter revealed that she doesn’t think men groping women is that big of a deal.

When asked about the accusations against Kavanaugh, the woman, who is also the mother of two daughters, wasn’t too concerned.

“Groping a woman? Which is — what is that?” the woman said.

“How many guys you know think that’s no big deal?” she asked while looking to her daughters, who nodded in agreement.

“Even back then — it’s not a big deal,” she continued. “It doesn’t take away from his character and his job to do what he needs to do because he’s a Supreme Court nominee. If he was pro-abortion, the liberals wouldn’t be fighting this hard.”

Considering her comments, one has to wonder how she’d feel about “groping” if Kavanaugh were a pro-choice liberal.

Watch the video below:

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