Flat earther rapper responds to Bill Nye: ‘You need to read some books’

It’s 2018 and we’re debating whether or not the earth is round.

Rapper B.o.B is part of a disturbing and bizarre trend of celebrities publicly espousing their belief that the earth is flat. Naturally, Bill Nye “the Science Guy” couldn’t sit idly by while people with huge followings disseminate pseudoscience to the masses. Just a few days ago he issued a challenge to the rapper.

“…why don’t you consider joining the Planetary Society where you’ll have a satellite,” Nye said in an interview with Complex News. “Join the Planetary Society where you’ll have cameras. We’ll take a picture of the earth, and you can decide for yourself. Not a conspiracy. Come to Cape Canaveral, and see the rocket launch. I’m here for you, man. B.o.B, I challenge you. Come to Cape Canaveral, and watch a rocket launch … we can take a meeting about your Flat Earth.”

B.o.B responded to Nye’s call out, but he didn’t take up his offer. Instead, he deflected.

“Look man, I’m a fan,” B.o.B started out. “I grew up watching your show, but you got the wrong guy, my friend. The Flat Earth information did not, by any way, start with me or my beliefs. You know, I could point you to some books.”

From Patheos’ David G. MCafee:

… what?

To be clear, Nye never said B.o.B. invented the conspiracy, only that the rapper was spreading it, and Nye was right about that. His point was that influential people who spread faulty information without checking it are a big part of the problem. The Flat Earthers who wrote those “books” the rapper recommended to Nye wouldn’t be able to spread their beliefs as easily without the help of people like B.o.B. doing their dirty work for them.

Watch B.o.B.’s full response below:

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