Flight attendant brutally kicks man off plane after he stole a woman’s seat and called her a ‘b*tch’

A video circulating social media shows an American Airlines flight attendant scolding a man who apparently stole another woman’s seat and made matters worse by insulting her.

“He’s not flying,” the attendant says as the man stands in the aisle, before telling him, “You should have thought about that first before you called someone a b*tch because you were sitting in her seat, and all I did was ask you to move.”

The man tries to protest and plead his case, but the attendant did not budge.

“No, don’t sugar it up now, because you called her a b*tch,” the attendant tells the man. “She had nothing to do with you sitting in her seat. … So she’s supposed to sit here while you verbally assaulted her and be okay with that? No, you’re gone. Goodbye. Step off the plane.”

The man continues to protest, angrily asking what he’s supposed to do. “I don’t know — you’re gonna have to figure that out,” the attendant tells the man. “But figure out how to handle yourself as an adult while you’re at it.”

Watch the video below:

Man gets kicked off a american airlines flight after taking a lady’s seat
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