Florida man arrested after he angrily slapped scalding hot coffee out of fast food manager’s hands

A Florida man has been arrested after he slapped a cup of hot coffee out of a fast food manager’s hands because he was upset about the price, Fox 35 reported.

Elizar Ravelo has been charged with felony battery.

From Fox 35:

The incident happened Aug. 25 at a fast food restaurant in Miami Springs. In the police department’s initial statement, they did not specify which restaurant the incident happened at. FOX 35 News has reached out for more information.

The Miami Springs Police Department shared surveillance video from the drive-thru window area which shows a man, identified as Ravelo, who was in his car, visibly upset. The fast food manager approached Ravelo at the window, saying she didn’t “appreciate the way he was treating the employees and that if he continued to do so, (he) would not be allowed back at the restaurant,” according to police.

Watch a report on the story below:

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