Florida man caught on video punching and spitting on disabled man in a wheelchair

A Florida man has been arrested and jailed after he physically assaulted a man in a wheelchair inside a McDonald’s, News Channel 8 reported.

In the video, the wheelchair-bound man can be seen getting punched, spat on, and having a drink thrown on him.

According to an arrest report, 22-year-old Andrew Childers was booked into a Lee County jail early Wednesday morning for abuse on a disabled adult.

WBBH said the dispute began when the man in the wheelchair began screaming at the manager and calling her names.

Childers is the manager’s son and claimed he was simply standing up for his mom.

WBBH also reported that the man in the wheelchair was causing a scene and was asked to leave.

Childers is being held on a $5,000 bond, according to arrest records.

Watch a report on the story below:

Sky Palma

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