Florida middle school students bitten by wild rats while their teacher did nothing

Multiple students at a Florida middle school were bitten by wild rats while under the supervision of a teacher, Fox 35 reported.

While students were undergoing standardized testing at Buddy Taylor Middle School in Palm Coast, around a dozen students accompanied the teacher to the school farm where she flushed out some holes that had rats in them. According to authorities, three students were bitten in the process. One of the children was bitten so hard that it broke the skin.

In the investigation report, the child alleges he told the teacher as soon as it happened.

“I told her I got bit, and I got rabies, so she said, ‘You don’t [have] rabies,’” the student wrote.

He said the teacher in question appeared to be distracted by the task at hand and didn’t pay much attention to his complaint. The boy’s identity has been redacted from the official documents. She wrote a letter to the administration. In said letter, she was firm in her account that she never knew of the bites.

“I didn’t report it because I did not know about it to do so,” she said.

The Department of Children and Families was notified of the allegations that the teacher did not take the appropriate steps to seek medical attention for one of the students who was bitten. That case has since been closed, as a district official said they decided not to pursue it any further.

Read the full report over at Fox 35.

Sky Palma

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