Florida mom who scrubbed blood from son’s jeans after he stabbed teen cheerleader to death will plead guilty

The Florida mother who allegedly washed the blood out of her son’s jeans afte he murdered a 13-year-old cheerleader has reached a plea deal with prosecutors that could result in her spending some time in prison, the New York Post reported.

Crystal Smith is expected to plead guilty to evidence tampering this Friday. The plea deal comes nearly a year after she allegedly tried to cover up for her son Aiden Fucci by scrubbing his jeans of blood after he brutally stabbed Tristyn Bailey to death.

While the exact details of the plea deal are not known, a report from Action News says it could include up to 5 years of probation and a “small amount of jail time.”

Security video reportedly captured Smith grabbing Fucci’s jeans from his bedroom and washing them in the bathroom sink. The jeans and the sink drain later tested positive for blood. Fucci was sentenced to life in prison in March after pleading guilty to Bailey’s murder and hiding her body in a wooded area near his home.

In a statement this week, Bailey’s family said that they hoped Smith would accept a plea deal.

“This obviously would be a benefit to our family so that we can take our next step forward in focusing on the life and legacy of Tristyn. We also strongly feel this would benefit the community, particularly the children who have had to endure these years of lost innocence replay over and over in their mind,” they said.

Sky Palma

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