Florida teacher forced two 6th graders to kiss while other students recorded

A Las Vegas substitute teacher has been arrested and charged after she allegedly made inappropriate comments during class and forced two students to kiss while other students recorded, KLAS reported.

Rasheda Rose, 29,  who was working at Legacy Traditional School, allegedly told students “they were kissing each other wrong” and “telling them how to do it right.”

One of the students told police that Rose said they were not going to do the work their normal teacher left them, and instead played a game called “Never Have I Ever,” where Rose asked “inappropriate questions.”

Rose then asked the students to close the emergency blinds on the door. When a student told her they were only for an emergency, Rose told her to “close the [expletive] blinds,” the report stated. When students asked to leave to use the restroom, she told them no one was leaving.

Students told police that Rose was asking who in the class was dating and two of the students raised their hands. Rose then asked the two students to go up to the front of the class and kiss. The students told police they were uncomfortable and did not want to do it.

Both students said they were scared of getting in trouble if they did not listen to the teacher, according to the report

Read the full report over at KLAS.

Sky Palma

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