Florida’s surgeon general tells people not to take updated COVID vaccine

Speaking at a news conference this Thursday, Florida surgeon general Dr. Joseph Ladapo told people to avoid taking the updated booster vaccine for COVID-19, local news outlets reported.

“There’s a new vaccine that’s coming around the corner, a new mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, and there’s essentially no evidence for it,” Ladapo said during the news conference, according to local news outlets.

“There’s been no clinical trial done in human beings showing that it benefits people” he said.

“There’s been no clinical trial showing that it is a safe product for people — and not only that, but then there are a lot of red flags.”

Also claimed the updated vaccines “actually cause cardiac injury in many people.”

“When they try to convince you to be comfortable and agree with things that don’t feel comfortable, [that] don’t feel like things you should agree with, that is a sign, right? That’s a gift,” he said.

Speaking to Fox News, NYU professor of medicine Dr. Marc Siegel said vaccines “have been given to trillions around the world and in the vast majority of cases, they are safe.”

“Physicians with knowledge of vaccines should be involved in deciding the risk/benefit for their patients and offering advice, but it is ultimately up to the individual,” he said.

“For younger, healthier patients with intact immune systems and a foundation of immune memory against SARS-CoV-2 from prior vaccines and infection, I may choose to not recommend an additional booster at this time, but vilifying it is a dangerous move that undermines patient choice and the vaccine as one of my most important tools,” he added.

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