For a $1K donation, Jim Bakker will send you a ‘Miracle Blanket’ that’ll pay your bills if you lay it over them

On a recent episode of The Jim Bakker Show, host, evangelist, and ex-con Jim Bakker added a new level to his grift, offering his followers a “Miracles Happen” blanket, that can apparently help you pay down bills if you’re dumb enough to cover them with it.

“I’m just gonna reiterate that I want you, when you order this … to sow that $1,000 seed in faith — believing that this is part of your seed into the Kingdom of God,” Bakker said.

As Bakker ad-libbed as to why people should donate, his guest, Christian author Joan Hunter chimed in and gave a few examples of what the blanket could be used for.

“Lay it over your bills,” she said, adding that it could spark the “healing of your finances.”

“Put your wallet in there, your credit cards, all the bills … the mortgage, put it on there,” she continued. We’re having houses paid off this week, last month and this month, and I’m like, hallelujah!”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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