Bad Coronavirus Takes

For these lockdown protesters, scientists and medical workers are the enemy

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While protests pop up around the country calling for state lockdown orders to end, the ideological component behind the protests is getting a lot of attention, thanks to the anti-government, conspiracy theory-promoting signs and banners being hoisted by a sizable contingent of the demonstrators.

Britain’s ITV News interviewed two particular protesters who reflect the general sentiment emerging from these protests. According to one protester named Diane Ventura, the coronavirus is not her biggest fear right now.

“My biggest fear right now is how quick American patriots crumbled and hid in their homes because their government told them that they should,” she said. “We can’t hide in our home and not produce for our families and for future generations because of a virus that may kill us.”

“So what do I say to the science?” she continued. “I say, I don’t believe your science because I believe my God.”

Another protester, Austin Ritz, believes that scientists have been lying about the numbers regarding the coronavirus’ toll.

“I see it like the flu, that’s exactly what it is — a different type of flu,” he said, accusing scientists who encourage social distancing of being “fear mongers.”

“They don’t know,” he said, adding that scientists are not the “experts” because “their numbers have been lies.”

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