Former chess champ: Trump is making America look like Putin’s Russia

Garry Kasparov has a sobering analysis about the Trump effect.

Garry Kasparov is arguably the greatest chess player who ever lived. Over the board he was fearless, and he’s translated that same fearlesness into his political activism, mainly in his outspokenness against Russian president Vladimir Putin.

In a series of tweets from this Sunday, Kasparov warned that many of the political strategies employed in Putin’s Russia are being used in the U.S., such as a president “lying constantly while attacking targets for lying” and the “escalation of rhetoric to dictatorial extremes.”

According to Kasparov, when it comes to a leader or political party attacking government institutions instead of strengthening them, “it’s time to pick a side.”

“Rule of law or by strongman? Rule of institutions or of tribe? The history of making the wrong choice here is clear.” he tweeted.

Read the entire thread below:

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