Former Fox News Contributor Dick Morris to Rush Limbaugh: ‘Stop Losing the Elections for Us’ (VIDEO)

Former Fox News contributor Dick Morris has publicly backed a bipartisan proposal to reform immigration, promoting it as a good way to make inroads with Latino voters.

In a Friday edition of his daily video broadcast, Morris said that the proposal “delays the path to citizenship by a good, long time which gives the Republican Party a long time to deal with the Latino vote.”

At one point in the video, Morris directly addresses conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s opposition to the proposal, asking him, “What is your alternative?”

In a rare rebuke of Limbaugh from a conservative voice, Morris implored the radio host to “stop losing the elections for us” by “insisting on some objective standard of purity” on immigration. Morris suggested that Limbaugh focus on “what’s practical” so that GOP politicians can “focus on the changes that are taking place in the country, and deal with them.”

Recent developments have shown that Limbaugh is becoming an increasing liability to conservative talk radio and messaging.

Watch Dick Morris in the video below.

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