Former GOP Chairman: Trump is done and the next debate can’t save him

“Republican Party in CHAOS”

That’s a condensed version of the headlines dominating liberal websites this past weekend. But for once, it’s not simply clickbait. The GOP is seriously in chaos. Never before have we seen politicians and operatives turn on their party’s nominee in such a drastic fashion.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s hot mic sexual assault-lauding comments from 2005 that were recently released, there’s talk of a mass rebellion within the GOP, along with alleged hastily arranged plans with the purpose of salvaging what’s left of Trump’s candidacy.

Trump is apparently pushing forward, as he suggested in a tweet from Saturday.

Whether or not Trump checkmated himself is a matter for debate, and former GOP Chairman Michael Steel is weighing in that it’s over.

Speaking to Mother JonesDavid Corn, Steele was clear:

This is a devastating blow to the Trump campaign and to the party, and there is not much either can do to salvage it. It almost doesn’t matter what Trump does in the next debate.

Being someone who makes bets from time to time, I’d put my money up against Steele.

If it’s a matter of simple voter support, I think Trump survives this. Trump’s rise coincided with his rhetoric that advocated for ethnic cleansing, so why would his apparent penchant for sexual assault move any of his fans out of the camp?

Hint: it won’t.

 Featured image: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)



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