Former GOP Rep: Christians are ‘supposed to rule over the nations’ and government should preach the Bible

During a sermon titled “Christian Nationalism, Dominion, and Theology,” Former GOP Washington state Rep. Matt Shea declared that right-wing Christians are “supposed to rule over the nations.”

“If this is true that God is the author of nationalism, he’s the author of the boundaries of our country, then what should Christians be doing?” Shea asked. “If the Word is supposed to rule over the nations—and who is the Word? [Jesus]. If he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords over all nations, then the Lord is supposed to rule over all nations, then the Word is supposed to rule over all nations,” he said in a video flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“If that’s the case, then my nationalism is not being driven out of some weird thing of trying to conquer the world like the Nazis,” Shea said. “My love of God and my love for his word is the source of my nationalism, because I want to see it rule.”

“The most important thing we will ever do is proclaim the kingdom of Jesus Christ throughout all the world,” he continued. “The second most important thing is to make sure we can do the first most important thing, and that’s the purpose of government.”

From Right Wing Watch:

In 2019, the Washington state House of Representatives released a 108-page report detailing how one of its own members, Rep. Matt Shea, had “participated in an act of domestic terrorism” and “planned, engaged in and promoted a total of three armed conflicts of political violence against the United States Government in three states outside the state of Washington over a three-year period.”

The report exposed Shea’s deep ties to the far-right militia movement, as well as a document he authored laying out the “Biblical Basis for War,” in which he declared that “the enemy” must agree to accept bans on abortion, same-sex marriage, communism, and idolatry and agree to live under biblical law. If these demands were refused, Shea declared that the only solution was to “kill all males.”

In the wake of the report, the state’s House Republican Caucus stripped Shea of his committee assignments and booted him out of the party. Shea refused to resign his seat but did not run for reelection in 2020 and eventually took a position as a pastor of a far-right local church.

Watch the video below:

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