Former GOP Senate candidate: Deadly Kentucky tornado is a result of gay marriage and abortion

During an interview on the Christian conspiracy theory network CrossTalk, QAnon adherent, right-wing activist, and former GOP Senate candidate Lauren Witzke gave her thoughts on the deadly tornado that swept through Kentucky, killing at least 70 people and leaving at least 100 others unaccounted for.

According to Witzke, “Man,” is responsible for the tornado, but she wasn’t making an argument about climate change.

“I saw the pictures and the aftermath of the tornado and it was absolutely devastating … I personally believe it’s weather modification, that kinda thing — they’re messing with our atmosphere. However, the fact of the matter is a hundred people are dead,” she said.

“One thing I learned is that Satan, the Devil, cannot create anything,” she continued. “He can only pervert what God has created. God created the weather — yes, he created the atmosphere for us to dwell in, however, Man has perverted — found a way to pervert everything. That’s why I say ‘weather modification’ — you know, how they have perverted the institution of marriage, they have perverted the institution, or the definition of what life is in the womb.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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