Former KKK leader David Duke: 75 to 80% of Donald Trump’s voters will carry me to U.S. Senate

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke is running for U.S. Senate. According to him, he thinks he has a good shot because Donald Trump’s candidacy for president is bringing issues that are near and dear to his heart back into the public conversation.

Duke is so confident about his message, that he told NPR during an interview that Trump’s supporters will be voting for him, adding that he’s “100% behind” the GOP nominee’s agenda.

“As a United States senator, nobody will be more supportive of his legislative agenda, his Supreme Court agenda, than I will,” Duke said.

“I think that those Republicans, or those so-called conservatives, they are betraying the principles of the Republican Party and certainly conservatism,” Duke said of Republicans who refuse to vote for Trump. “Donald Trump is not a racist. And the truth is in this country if you simply defend the heritage of European American people then you’re automatically a racist.”

Duke then said that racial discrimination in this country is real, but minorities aren’t its true victims, claiming that “massive racist, racial discrimination against European-Americans” is prevalent with a “very vicious anti-white narrative” in the media.

When Duke ventured into familiar territory about the non-Europeans ‘who run Hollywood,’ NPR’s Steve Inskeep interrupted and asked him if he was referring to Jews.

“Well they’re from the Middle East, that’s not European. That’s not European, is it?” Duke responded. “That’s Middle Eastern. And they have a particular orientation for their positions and their programs.”

According to Inskeep, Duke “went on for a while, unspooling old racist theories that hesaid were not racist. He said Europeans built America, though his own state was built in large part by the descendants of Africans. He wrote Jews out of Europe’s history.”

“Some critics see echoes of discredited tales like these in some gestures by Donald Trump,” Inskeep said. “On Twitter, Trump posted an image of Hillary Clinton, piles of cash, and an apparent Star of David. He later said it was just a star.”

“I don’t know if [Donald Trump is] with me or not but I would hope that he and others would realize that the same lies they make about him is what they say about me,” Duke continued. “I’ve always said that I’m for equal rights for all people, but I also believe that European-Americans shouldn’t be facing discrimination either.”

“We’ve already polled inside the Trump voters, and we know that we’re going to carry 75 to 80 percent of those who are going to vote for Trump,” Duke added.

When Inskeep asked him if he thought Trump voters are his voters, Duke was certain.

“Well, of course they are!” Duke said. “Because I represent the ideas of preserving this country and the heritage of this country, and I think Trump represents that as well.”

You can listen to the full interview below:

Featured image via the Southern Poverty Law Center

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