Former mafia captain: ‘I told Paul Manafort to tell Trump to stop tweeting’

Rising above the new phenomenon of Italian mob members who became government witnesses, went into the witness protection program, and later became successful podcast hosts are former Gambino crime family underboss and hitman Sammy “The Bull” Gravano and former Colombo crime family captain Michael Franzese.

In a recent episode hosted on Gravano’s channel, the two sat down to discuss a variety of topics: their past lives, the state of the world, and politics. Both are vocal Trump supporters, and during their discussion, Franzese revealed a past conversation he had with Paul Manafort about Trump’s tweeting.

“With Trump, he so controversial, I get it — he is a narcissist,” Franzese said. “I know Paul Manafort pretty well. I used to tell Paul, ‘Paul, tell this guy to calm down on Twitter, stop being insane.’ He said, ‘Mike, he won’t listen. He won’t listen to anybody.’ He was his own worst enemy in that regard, but for America he was good.”

It’s not clear exactly how Franzese became acquainted with Manafort, but Manafort wrote a positive blurb that appeared on of Franzese’s book, Mafia Democracy.

Watch the video below. The relevant portion begins at 6:21:

Sky Palma

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