Former member of Trump’s transition team is now calling for impeachment

A law professor who briefly worked on President Trump‘s transition team is now calling for Trump to be impeached in the wake of the Mueller report, The Hill reports.

In a series of tweets this weekend, J.W. Verret declared that his opinion was influenced by close reading of the Mueller report.

“Finished a second read through the Mueller Report,” Verret tweeted this Saturday. “I don’t say this lightly, as a life long Republican, former R Hill staffer, and someone who has worked on every R campaign and pre-transition team for the last ten years. There is enough here to begin impeachment proceedings.”

“That does not suggest what the outcome of such a proceeding will be, impeachment is only the beginning of an inquiry,” he continued. “Analogous to a grand jury investigation. But it’s time, it really is.”

In a op-ed for The Atlantic titled The Mueller Report Was My Tipping Point, Verret declared that he’s “seen enough.”

“I wanted to share my experience transitioning from Trump team member to pragmatist about Trump to advocate for his impeachment, because I think many other Republicans are starting a similar transition,” Verret wrote. “Politics is a team sport, and if you actively work within a political party, there is some expectation that you will follow orders and rally behind the leader, even when you disagree. There is a point, though, at which that expectation turns from a mix of loyalty and pragmatism into something more sinister, a blind devotion that serves to enable criminal conduct.”

While Special Counsel Robert Mueller wasn’t able to find enough evidence for the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia in his final report, he made sure to point out that he was unable to “conclusively determine” that no criminal conduct occurred regarding the question of obstruction of justice.

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