Former Trump administration official: All world leaders will bow to Christian nationalism

During an appearance on right-wing conspiracy theorist Stew Peters‘ show, former Trump administration official William Wolfe said that “Christian nationalism is inevitable.”

“Now that we essentially have globo-homo nationalism, what does it look like for us to sort of re-pour the foundations of a free society in America?” Wolfe asked. “God is not God of just your heart; God is God of the public square. And I would say that even if a judge or a dog catcher or a president is not a Christian, what they need to recognize most fundamentally is that all authority in God’s creation is derivative from the Creator, and he tells everybody in authority how they should use it.”

“Whether they have repented of their sins and believed in Jesus Christ and accepted the Gospel or not, they will be held accountable,” he continued. “And so our call as Christian nationalists is twofold: yes, we want more unapologetic Christians leading in the public square as Christians, but we’re calling on all leaders who exercise authority—whether they’re Christian or not—to recognize that they will answer to the one supreme authority and they need to learn how to exercise that authority rightly according to his good commands and precepts today.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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