Former Trump staffer: ‘Who’s the idiot who green-lit those North Korea summit coins?’

In the wake of President Trump’s cancellation of the widely anticipated summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, a former adviser to the Trump 2016 campaign is mocking the White House for releasing commemorative coins designed to honor the now-canceled meeting.

In a series of tweets, A.J. Delgado asked: “Who’s the idiot in the WH that green-lit those commemorative coins for a summit that almost certainly wasn’t going to happen?”

She included the hashtag #OnlyTheBestPeople, which is in reference to Trump’s claim in 2016 that he planned to choose only “the best people” for his administration.

Delgado also slammed the talk about Trump’s potential nomination for a Nobel Prize, talk that’s been especially prevalent among Trump’s most vocal supporters. Even Trump himself floated the possibility.

This Thursday, Trump canceled the summit, citing the North Korean dictator’s “tremendous anger and open hostility” towards the U.S., including Vice President Mike Pence, whose recent remarks were dismissed as “stupid” by a senior North Korean official.

Before the cancelation of the talks that were to take place on June 12, a commemorative “trip coin” was released by the White House communication agency, which on one side featured Air Force Once taking off over the White House, while the other side depicted Trump and “supreme leader” Kim.

As of this Thursday morning, the coins are still for sale on the White House gift shop’s website for $85.

In addition to Delgado’s tweet, there was more than enough mockery to go around on Twitter after the summit’s cancelation.

Update: The price of the coins has reportedly been dropped down to $19.95.

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