Former WH press secretary: Trump wore my makeup during a speech in Saudi Arabia

In her new memoir, former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed that former President Donald Trump was wearing her makeup during a May 2017 speech before the Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Business Insider reports.

“The president felt he looked ‘shiny’ and for some reason [Trump’s body man John McEntee] didn’t have the usual arsenal of products with him,” Grisham wrote. “Many pundits, commenting on Trump’s extremely tanned (or orange) appearance, assumed that there was a tanning bed in the White House. There wasn’t, and I would know. The president’s look was created with makeup that he put on his face every morning, as if he were going to be appearing on a TV show. Which, in a sense, he was.”

Grisham was initially hesitant to let Trump use her makeup because she knows what a germaphobe he is, but McEntee “oddly” told her would it be fine because she is “good looking.”

“Not going to lie, it thrilled me that during one of his most important speeches up to that point in the administration, the president of the United States was wearing my makeup,” Grisham wrote in the book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House.

Sky Palma

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