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Fox News contributor compares burned Christmas tree to Pearl Harbor: ‘We didn’t fold then, and we won’t fold now’

In the wake of a Christmas tree being set ablaze by a mentally ill homeless man outside Fox News headquarters in New York City, the network is still covering the incident, framing it as some sort attack on Christendom or even a hate crime. And who better to drive that point home than Fox News contributor Rev. Jacques DeGraff.

This Thursday, the cohosts of The Five hosted a ceremony to light a new Christmas tree in place of the one that was burned down. At one point, they gave the floor to DeGraff to say a few words.

“Somebody asked me, ‘Why are you here?’ I’m here because these colors don’t run!” he said, presumably referring to the colors emanating from the new tree.

“Eighty years ago this week, they tried to extinguish the darkness in a place called Pearl Harbor,” he bellowed. “We didn’t fold then, and we won’t fold now because we’ve come this far by faith. In our tradition, we say this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. And the red, the white, the blue, the light of America, we’re going to let it shine!”

Watch the video below:


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