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Fox News contributor is angry about gender-neutral Christmas cookies: ‘They’re obviously men’

In the latest salvo against the War on Christmas, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce appeared on Tucker Carlson‘s show Tuesday night and took aim at a recent move in Scotland to make gingerbread men genderless, saying it opens up a new international attack on Christmas organized by “the left.”

“The war on Christmas is a global struggle,” Carlson said while opening the segment. “In the parliament of Scotland – they have a national parliament – the coffee shop has stopped selling gingerbread men. Why? Gender specific. They’re not called gingerbread people, you don’t want to give them a gender without their consent.”

“You don’t even want to know how many bathrooms there are in gingerbread houses now,” Carlson said sarcastically. “A lot.”

“The left has worked now for a couple of generations to condition us to, ahead of time, worry about what we’re going to say,” she said.

“So this baker, she said it was a whim, that she just thought, for no good reason, that she should not call them gingerbread, call them a gingerbread person,” Bruce said, referring to the Scotland story. “And I couldn’t tell, obviously, because they’re also not wearing clothes, so it’s hard to say what they’re doing and what they’re not doing.”

“She was apparently shocked that people were really upset about this,” Bruce continued.

“In this case, it’s, you know, calling gingerbread men a gingerbread person when obviously, they’re men,” she said.

Carlson then chimed in, saying maybe the lesson is that “the rest of us shouldn’t participate in our own spiritual neutering.”

“And that we should at every step along the way say ‘I’m not complying with that. Call HR on me, I’m not doing it,’”Carlson said.

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