Fox News Contributor Praises Megyn Kelly’s Grilling of NRA’s Wayne LaPierre (VIDEO)

During the Saturday edition of Fox News Watch, Megyn Kelly‘s interview with the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre the following Thursday was the topic of discussion. Surprisingly, contributor Kirsten Powers praised Kelly for her hard questioning of LaPierre in regards to the NRA’s opposition to background checks and magazine limits proposed by gun control advocates.

Powers lauded Kelly’s “great job” of grilling LaPierre,  adding that the NRA executive “doesn’t come off as an honest broker to me” since he clearly wants to “fight any kind of gun control at every turn.”

“I don’t know why he’s supposed to be treated like he’s somebody who’s really trying to solve the problem, when in fact he just has his agenda,” Powers said. She pointed out that Kelly “pinned him down” on the 11 Sandy Hook Elementary School children who managed to escape when Adam Lanza stopped shooting to change magazines. “Wayne LaPierre never answered that question, he just gave talking points.”

Watch the Fox News Watch segment in the video below, courtesy of Mediaite.

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