Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Introduces New Benghazi Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO)

Regardless of the fact that the survivors of the Benghazi embassy attack were interviewed by the FBI days after the deadly assault and that the FBI’s investigation remains ongoing, Fox News is now suggesting that the survivors are potential whistleblowers that have been put under a gag order by the Obama Administration.

The legal reasons for the survivors, many of whom are likely intelligence officers, to not go public with their stories at this time seem quite obvious, and even many conservative news outlets have understood this rationale for their not appearing before Congress.

This week, Fox News has developed a Benghazi narrative demanding that the survivors come forward and tell their stories — a narrative that demands that people whose lives may still be in danger be dragged into the limelight.

Eric Boehlert of Media Matters writes:

“Alternately insisting the survivors are potential “whistleblowers” who’ve been put under a “gag” by President Obama, Benghazi conspiracy theorists seem determined to turn the victims into pawns. Fox’s misguided Benghazi crusade has often been unfair, but the idea of the right-wing media turning their klieg lights on the Benghazi victims and demanding they become the story seems especially exploitative.

In what appears to be a coordinated campaign this week, Republicans have been working with Fox News to push the survivor angle, as Obama’s critics now enter their sixth month touting wild conspiracy theories about the Benghazi attack. Thwarted at nearly ever (sic) turn in their attempt to manufacture a massive Watergate-style cover-up that would cripple the Obama administration, partisans now think parading victims of a terror attack in front of a Congressional hearing is the best way to keep the (nonexistent) cover-up story alive.”

Watch Fox’s Greta Van Susteren’s comments in the video below.

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