Fox News guest: Discovery of gravitational waves is ‘evidence’ pointing to Christian God’s existence

The more that science confirms that most of what is in holy texts is a load of BS, the more desperately religious conservatives cling to their fantasies. Of course, these delusions are helped along by the network of the Christian Right — Fox News.

During a segment on the recent discovery of gravitational waves, Dr. Jeff Zweerink, a guest on the holy roller network and minister of a ridiculous outfit that promotes creationism, says this discovery means that his god is real. According to Zweerink, these waves mean that the Big Bang Theory is no longer just a theory, and that there had to be a cause. That cause was divine. Dr. Zweerink cannot explain why it’s his god and not any of the other deities that have been known of throughout history.

From Patheos:

In short, his argument goes like this. Gravitational waves confirm the Big Bang. The Big Bang implies there was a beginning to the universe. Someone had to cause that beginning. That cause was God. QED.

It’s not a new argument by any means. (And somehow, all of this also points to Jesus dying for your sins. Because logic.)

This is what passes for science education on Fox News.

Watch, via Fox News:

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