Fox News host accidentally brings up graph showing his network is the least trusted

Fox News host Howard Kurtz had a bit of a mini-freakout this Sunday when a producer mistakenly put up a graph showing that his network was the least trusted among cable news viewers.

“This is not the graphic we’re looking for — hold off — take that down, please,” Kurtz said as the graph showed polls from Monmouth University revealing that only 30 percent of Americans trusted Fox News as opposed to CNN and CNBC.

Kurtz was in the midst of a discussion with Republican pollster Frank Luntz about fake news and Trump’s tweeting when he asked for a graphic that demonstrated that a large percentage of the American public don’t trust the media in general.

“Speaking of fake news, there is a new poll out from Monmouth University. ‘Do the media report fake news regularly or occasionally?’ 77 percent say yes,” Kurtz said, before realizing the wrong graphic was showing.

As Newsweek points out, Kurtz took to Twitter the next day and claimed that the graphic was intended to be aired and all coverage that it wasn’t is a “lie,” adding that is was only shown out of sequence.

Watch the video below via Fox News:

Featured image via screen grab