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Fox News host: Biden is behind that ‘Trump says veterans are losers’ Atlantic story

During a Friday broadcast, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld slammed the recent story from The Atlantic that detailed President Trump’s alleged disparaging of U.S. war dead, dismissing it as a “hoax” — despite the fact that his own network confirmed the story.

“We have seen anonymously sourced stories like this against the president for quite some time,” Fox host Jesse Watters said to Gutfeld. “What do your instincts tell you about this one?”

“Don’t you find at the least bit questionable that the Biden campaign, perhaps the slowest, clumsiest entity since Joe Biden himself already had an ad made based on this hoax?” Gutfeld replied.

“So this is obviously coordinated,” he continued. “The timing is way too perfect, the questions were planned, the press are involved, it’s pretty — I have to say, I got to give them credit for coming up with something, this pretty disgusting, but that’s the real story.”

“If you do not see this, you are blind. There are no sources, it’s already debunked by I think four other sources including Bolton who is no fan of Trump,” Gutfeld claimed, ignoring the fact that Bolton simply said he didn’t hear Trump make his comments.

“It feels like this was created in a lab and unleashed at the time when they saw Joe collapsing,” Gutfeld said. “This is the first Hail Mary of maybe 50 Hail Marys that you will see, and you have to ask, ‘Will it work?’ Well, where the targets here? The targets of his scam are military families who are naturally pro-Trump, because he has been so good with the military, so they are going right at his strength. And he has to fight back.”

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